Hi, I'm Corey!

I'm a web developer living in the Greater Philadelphia Area of Pennsylvania with my fianceé and our goldendoodle, August. I enjoy hiking, tabletop games, video games, reading, and learning new technologies. Feel free to explore my web site to learn more about me, peruse my résumé, read the upcoming blog, or contact me about new projects or opportunities.

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Web Developer

I'm a professional web developer, working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build sites within content management systems and React.

Lifelong Learner

I work hard to continue learning new technologies. My current interests are React, ExpressionEngine, and Gatsby.

EE Savvy

My first development job started me working in ExpressionEngine, and I fell in love. I continue to work with it professionally, and even use it to power this site. Let me build you a flexible, extensible, feature-rich web site with EE!

React Ready

React is exploding as an immensely popular front-end framework. Let's build your new site as a Single-Page Application with the latest React tools!